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Home Stair Lift Services and Installations

Are you in search for services including stair lift installations for your home? You have come to the right place. Statewide Mobility is a premier accessibility company here to help you maintain an independent lifestyle in your home. With Statewide Mobility we specialize in installations of your home stair lift. When purchasing a stairway lift, it is important that you select the right people for your stair lift services. There are a variety of electric stair lifts on the market today. Statewide Mobility chooses Harmar motorized stair chair. Harmar provides to quality products and customer service, and we bring the same quality to sour trained stair lift installers. Harmar offers many different models colors and seating platforms for your convenience.  Lets learn a bit about in home stair lifts.

What are electric chair lifts for stair?

Electric stair lifts are lifts that allow a user to maintain a quality independent lifestyle. In home that have stairs some may not be able to climb the stairs safely. By installing an electric chair for stairs this allows the users to maintain a safe environment with the press of a button. A stair lift uses a motorized chair for stairs on a track and allows the user to travel up and down the stairs. A stair lift uses two 12 volt batteries when in motion. The batteries are charged by the docking station at the top and bottom of the lift track. A stair lift is commonly known as a luxury item and requires professional installation. Stair lifts for homes have not only a seating platform, but a wheelchair platform as well. Lets take a look at these two types of items.

Stair lift chair configuration

An electric chair for home stairs is a simple application. The user sits on a chair powered by an electronic tracking system, and with the press of a button the chair climbs automatically to the top of the track.stair lifts chair platform If there are any obstacles or debris in the way, the lift will shut down as a safety feature. Once the items have been removed from the stairway, you may resume the motion. Sitting on a stair lift platform uses a seat belt and a variety of limit switches to ensure your safety. Once the lift has reached its destination, you may flip the arm rests back and lift up the foot plate. This allows other home users to easily use the stairway as well. Just remember a stair lift is a simple motorized chair that climbs steps in simplest words. This type of stair lift is the most common stair lift as it is a simple straight track. If you have multiple stairways leading to each landing, additional tracks are required for this type of application. Curved stair lifts for your home are also available.

Stair lifts for wheelchair configuration

A wheelchair lift for stairs is the same idea as a simple stair lift chair. The platform is typically for wide stairways or outdoor use. A stair lifts wheelchair platformwheelchair stair lift is a lift with a platform that contains you for safety and carries you up flights of stairs in your wheelchair safely. When at the top and bottom of the lift, multiple limit switches are engaged including weight sensitive switches. This ensures that the lift will only move when someone is in the secure platform. A lift for wheelchairs are very common in very large home with large stairways. When using wheelchair lifts for stairs, you may want to plan ahead and decide which platform you would like to use. The other option is to leave a wheelchair on each level of your home to reduce a cumbersome stair lift installation.

Stair lift installations

When installing a stair lift, it is highly recommended to used a trained and certified technicians. Statewide Mobility provides you a secure and guarantees any of our stair lift installations. When having a stair lift installed, make the right choice trusting us. We will give you the independence you or your loved ones deserve. All of our wheelchair lift installation come with manufactures warranty and our own extended warranty. When installing handicap lifts for homes, choose Statewide everyday!