Best Price / Lowest Price Guarantee

Statewide Mobility offers the lowest prices on mobility scooter products. While this may sound like a bold claim, the mobility scooter industry is similar to any other industry. The more overhead you have, the higher your prices must be to support your overhead. Statewide Mobility is ran as a lean organization so these savings can be passed on to our customers in need.


How the Best Price Guarantee Works:


Once a customer contacts us, if they have been shopping and advise us of an official quote that is lower than our published prices on our website, we are able to beat that price. The pricing on our website is for advertised prices to the public to see and compare with our authorized dealers.


However, our business structure is setup with minimum overhead and allows us to pass these savings onto the customer and we have beat all competitor pricing to date.


To obtain the best price guarantee, contact a competitor and get a written or emailed quote. Send that quote to statewidemobility @ gmail . com with Best Price Guarantee in the subject line.


We will respond with our lower price which would effectively get you the best price guarantee.