Tips for charging mobility batteries and equipment

Tips for charging mobility batteries and equipment

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Tips for Charging Mobility Batteries and Equipment

Tips for Charging Scooter and Power Wheelchair Batteries

charging mobility batteries

It is important to understand how your batteries and charger, for your mobility equipment work. It is very imperative that your equipment receives the proper charge every time. This will extend the longevity of your batteries, and save you money. Charging mobility batteries correctly saves you time and money.

Most mobility equipment works on a 24DC volt system, that consisting of two 12 volt batteries. This system is charged by 120AC volts (a common household current), at approximately 2-5amps. These chargers have mainly and XLR type of connection to the mobility device.

Depending on the size of the scooter or power wheelchair the batteries sizes will vary by amp hour or abbreviated for aH. Most small travel sized scooters use a 12v, 12aH battery charged on a 2amp cycle. Typically the largest sized battery would be 12v with 80 aH.

When using your scooter or power wheelchair, try to get the maximum use before each charge. If you are not exceeding miles per day, it is not necessary to charge your mobility device daily. If you are not exceeding the 50% of the batteries capacity on a daily basis, it is not necessary to charge your batteries daily. It is recommended you discharge 70-80% before charging, but please plan your days ahead of time.


When charging mobility batteries, they must receive a proper cycle. We recommend when you receive your mobility equipment, you charge your device accordingly by following these steps.

For XLR type chargers

charging mobility batteries

XLR type mobility charging connection

  1. With the scooter off, plug the charger in to your wall. Verify that the, “Power” LED is illuminated.
  2. Place the XLR connection to your battery pack or other appropriate location by aligning the three male pins with the three female connections, and verify that the, “charging” light is now illuminated. The color of this LED should be either, yellow or red.
  3. Make sure that your power wheelchair has received a full charge. You can verify this, by the charging light, changing to green or off.
  4. Once the charge is complete remove the charger, and turn the mobility device on.

For onboard chargers

  1. Plug the power mobility device in to the wall.
  2. Verify that the charging dial is not on numerical number “0”, and the power LED is illuminated
  3. When the mobility device is completely charged the charging dial should be reading “0”. The mobility device should start somewhere between 7 and 9. These numbers generally indicate the battery percent by 10’s discharged. So, “0” would indicate 0% discharged, and “9” would indicate 90% discharged.
  4. Remove the charger from the wall, and place the chord in its proper location or compartment.


Each time you charge your device it should be done as the instructions above to receive the maximum life of your batteries, and electricity usage.

When the time comes to change your batteries, you will know by understanding when your scooter or power wheelchair discharges quickly. Charging your mobility device frequently will also indicate that it is time for a battery replacement. At that time contact a local provider to ensure your equipment is properly handled. Please keep in mind, when changing the batteries, both batteries must be changed.