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Welcome to Statewide Mobility’s online mobility scooter repair center. When your equipment has a bug, call us. We will give your equipment a full evaluation and tell you what is needed to repair your mobility scooter or device. Our technicians are trained to complete even the most sophisticated tasks after diagnosing the problem. Our techs repair anything from electric wheelchairs, patient lifts, power wheelchairs and scooters. Statewide Mobility is a Premiere mobility scooter repair network in the USA. We specialize in mobility scooter repair , power wheelchair repair, and localized services. Our 24 hour services make it convenient to for you even in the darkest hours of the day. To get started book your in home appointment with a technician on this page. 

Mobility Scooter Repair Company

What we do:

Statewide Mobility is called by the client and a scheduled time is placed. Upon assessment, we can determine what is wrong with your mobility device. As there are many manufactures and many models, there are times where we can not fix the scooter in the field. We may have to place an order for the parts. If the equipment is able to be fixed, labor will be applied to the service call. We promise to have your equipment fixed in a fashionable time. In most cases no more than 5 business days. Our most common services include chargers and batteries for powered equipment. Wheels, tires, bearings, arms rests, footrests, and brakes for wheelchairs, and walkers. Brake adjustments are common, and can simply be quickly serviced. Hand controls, power actuators, power supplies, and wiring harnesses are used to repair lift chairs. Hand controls and motors are also used to fix hospital beds. It is important for the client to provide a make, model, and serial number for each medical device. These are the most common issues, that are serviceable in the field. If any of these common problems are present at the time of the call to service, they will be resolved, so you can be fully functional with just one call. If you need to use another scooter for the time being, you can check out our mobility scooter rentals page. Call today for your mobility scooter repair.

Must knows:

It is important to understand, that when an issue with your equipment arises it will not, “just go away.” If you ignore the mechanical or electrical issue, it can become a complex issue, costing you more time and money. Once you see there is an issue with your medical equipment, it is highly advised to have your equipment assessed immediately. Preventative maintenance is also a solution. Statewide Mobility offers a service for preventative maintenance. Our trained technicians look for any possible issues, and we care for your equipment as if it were our own. When purchasing a mobility device, or any other expensive equipment, it is vital to understand the care that is needed to maintain you mobility device. Power mobility devices run off a 24-volt system and are powered by two 12 volt batteries. This mobility scooter batteries do not live the lifetime of the device, whether is it a power wheelchair or scooter. The scooter batteries must be charged properly, or you will experience loss of power, and sudden discharge, leaving you behind. Statewide Mobility provides top-quality replacement batteries which are recommended by most manufacturers. If you have issues with your battery replacements, we will replace them for you at no additional cost. Most medical equipment these days have the option of, “power.” Power means that an electrical current provides the motion and functionality to the device or medical equipment. With that being said, there is a circuit board somewhere in the equipment. It is very important not to leave your equipment outside or in highly humidified areas. Before making a service call make sure your medical device is properly plugged in.

Serviceable Medical Equipment, Mobility Devices, and Accessibility Devices

Here is a full list of medical equipment we service and repair: Power wheelchairs – electric wheelchairs Mobility scooters – three-wheel scooters, four-wheel scooters Walkers – two-wheel, three-wheel, and four-wheel walkers Lift chairs –  electric recliners, power recliners Wheelchairs – standard wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, heavy-duty wheelchairs Hoyer lifts – power Hoyer lifts, hydraulic Hoyer lifts Patient lifts – stairlifts, automobile lifts, modular home lifts Aersol equipment – nebulizers, suction machines, 50 PSI compressor Low air-loss mattresses, alternating pressure pumps, LAL, APM, and APP mattresses Hospital beds Commodes Showerheads and divert-ers Bathroom Safety Equipment (BSE) Ramps –  folding ramps, modular ramps, permanent ramps, wooden ramps. Your can view a list of our newly added home services. Never worry about leaving your home with this great service. We come to you at your convenience and repair your scooter or wheelchair. All medical equipment repairs are done in-home by our qualified technicians.

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