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Vehicle Lifts for Scooters, and Power Wheelchairs


Vehicle Lifts for Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs

When purchasing a scooter, power wheelchair or other mobility device, it should would be wise to purchase a lift for your vehicle. A mobility scooter lift allows you to take you mobility device anywhere. Vehicle lifts are able to be installed on almost any car. Take pride in your mobility equipment and have a power wheelchair lift installed on your vehicle by trusted company like Statewide Mobility. We have locations in Fort Lauderdale, Collier County, Orlando and many other cities in Florida. We come to you, yes that is right. We come to you. We install your lift while you sit at home and await your new gadget. Statewide Mobility offers a variety of  mobility lift systems. For instance, any mobility device has the capability of being installed on the receiver of your vehicles hitch. Don’t have a hitch on your car? That’s okay we can install one for you. Mobility lifts can also be installed as a hybrid system, which retracts out of your vehicle, but takes up third row seating in your minivan or SUV. Lets take a look at the different options you have when choosing your mobility lift.

Hitch mounted mobility lifts for cars, trucks, SUV’s and minivans

The most common type of power wheelchair lift for vehicles are hitch mounted. A hitch mounted lift systems allows you to place the mobility device on a platform that ishitch mounted scooter lift attached to your cars hitch. If you do not have a hitch on your car, we can provide you with one. Once the scooter, power wheelchair or wheelchair is on the platform, you raise the unit with a button. Once the lift has reached it’s destination, and audible clutch noise will let you know the lift has reached its limit. The mobility device is either strapped down by retaining and ratcheting straps, or by a lock down arm. You do not have to worry about your license plate being obstructed, because each lift is equipped with an illuminated license plate holder. Hitch mounted systems are so versatile they can fit any mobility device with a variety of platforms to fit your scooter or power wheelchair. If you have a tailgate on your vehicle it is recommended that you also have the swing away attachment placed on your lift. This will ensure you will have the ease of access to your tailgate, by simply unlocking the lift and pushing it to the side.

Hybrid vehicle lifts for SUV’s and minivans

Do you have a SUV or minivan with not much need of the third row seating? The chances are you do not need that third row if you are a senior or are without a large hyrbid scooter and powerchair liftfamily. A hybrid lift system allows you to keep your mobility device safe and secure inside your vehicle. A hybrid lift system has the capability of retracting from inside your vehicle on a platform. That platform then lowers to the ground, where you can safely disembark your power wheelchair or scooter for use. The benefits of having a hybrid lift system is its simple to use. You do not have the guide the mobility device by any means. You place it on a cradle or platform and press a button. You also do not have to worry about covering your scooter or powerchair with a cover, because it will not be weathered.

Inside vehicle lifts for cars SUV’s and minivans

Do you need that third row seating in your minivan or SUV, but yet you want to keep your mobility device safe a dry? Statewide Mobility inside mobility lifthas just the solution for you. With a inside vehicle lift, also known as a curbside lift, you can place you small power wheelchair or traveler or mid-sized scooter in the trunk of your car, van or SUV. An inside lift is a boom like system that operates on a heavy duty belt. These lifts do require assistance guiding the lift in to your vehicle to avoids scratches and dents in your car. The boom systems works with two limit switches. Once the limit switches have been adjusted upon professional installation, the lift will swing in and out. Once the lift has reached its proper limit, the lift will begin to either raise or lower the scooter or power wheelchair to its proper height. This will allow you to either remove the mobility device or stow it for travel. The boom is mounted to your vehicles sub-frame using brackets provided with the lift designed for your vehicle. Inside lifts are great for those mobility users who want lifts trucks.

Mobility scooter lift installations

When looking for a mobility scooter lift services, it is important that you select the right company to do the job. A company that guarantees and warranty’s the installation of your newly purchased vehicle lift. A business that will service your lift if it needs to be repaired. Statewide Mobility is just the right company for your needed services. Statewide Mobility provides a fast turn around to get you and your loved going again. We provide excellent service, installation and customer services. We are dedicated to you the customer. We provide a premier installation service that no other company can. We guarantee our work, and warranty all equipment with the manufactures warranty, backed by our extended warranty. Choose Statewide Mobility for your scooter lifts for cars, trucks, minivans, and SUV’s.


Below you can find a video of each type of lift described above to demonstrate to you the user. From here you should be able to identify the type of vehicle lift you wish to purchase and have installed professionally.

Hitch Mounted Scooter or Powerchair Lift

Hybrid Mounted for SUV’s and Minivans

Inside Mounted lifts for Cars, SUV’s, Minivans and Trucks