About Us


“Our goal is to provide superior service to our customers. We vow to make sure you are 100% satisfied, and provide you with the excellent care you deserve. We promise to keep you as a customer for life, while providing a service built around honesty and integrity. Your values are our values, and we want to provide you with care, while paying attention to your safety. We welcome you to our family, and thank you for sharing your experience with Statewide Mobility.”

Andrew Fatalo – President and Founder

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Statewide Mobility was found in January of 2013 by Andrew Fatalo. The idea came when Andrew worked for a home medical supply that was like the others in the community. He was very good with his customer service and has an ability to fix almost anything relating to home medical equipment (HME), mobility and accessibility products and devices. Andrew quickly realized that he could start a company built upon the way he would like to operate a business. He enjoys seeing his customers’ smiles and that really makes him feel as if he is making a difference. In late 2013 Andrew began his own business after spending months trying to discover a name. He chose Statewide Mobility, because he can provide Mobility and Accessibility solutions to those State wide in Florida. With the connections and reputation Andrew has built throughout the region, he became intrigued and decided to make this concept reality. Statewide Mobility is a company who offers a service to join you and your family in the comfort of your own home, without ever having to leave. Statewide Mobility, Inc. , offers many services dedicated to help maintain a safe and free lifestyle to help maintain an independent and active life.