Pride Mobility Scooter Reviews

Pride Mobility Scooter Reviews

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Pride Mobility Scooter Reviews


Pride Mobility Go-Go Model Reviews

The Pride Mobility GoGo Model line provides customers with a versatile product. The GoGo mobility scooter currently has eight models. Each model trim is available in three or four wheel configurations. The Go-Go is the the most preferred mobility scooter by most Americans. It is also the most commonly owned mobility scooter in the country. All models come apart in five pieces including the front and rear halves, battery pack, seat and front basket.  Pride products are able to be taken with you on the go maintaining the mobility and independence of someone who is hindered with a physical or mental debilitation Each scooter has available attachments and accessories provided by the manufacturer that are designed for each model. Some of the attachments include a side bag, a folding cup holder that attaches to the arm of the scooter, rear basket, cane holder, oxygen holders and much more. Check out our videos below to view the products in a quality live short, but to the point videos demonstrating the size and features of each Pride GoGo mobility scooter.


Go-Go Elite Traveller 3 SC40 Review

The GoGo Elite Traveller 3 wheeled scooter is the most sold mobility scooter in the United States. It is one of the smallest scooters in its class. With the heaviest part weighing in at 28 pounds. The assembled weight is only 75 pounds. This is fantastic scooter for those who intend on using this scooter indoors. The front tires are 2″ x 8″ and the rear tires are slightly larger at 2.5″ x 8″ flat free solid rubber tires. The standard battery pack is configured with two 12v 12ah batteries, giving you approximately 8 miles per charge. The Elite Traveller has a forward speed of up to 4 MPH which is faster than the average walking speed. This scooter has a seating capacity of 300 pounds. With a sharp turning radius of 33″ combined with a length of only 39.5″ and a width of only 19.5″, this scooter will be able to maneuver your home with ease.


Go-Go Elite Traveller 4 SC44 Review

The GoGo Elite Traveller 4 wheeled scooter is a great scooter for those who are looking for more stability. Of course  a four wheel scooter is more stable than a three, but there are also some differences. The turning radius of a modest 44″, and an identical 39.5 inches long and 19.5 inches wide, the over all scooter weight is only 78 pounds. That is only three pounds heavier than the 3 wheeled version.


Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus 3 SC53 Review

The GoGo Elite Traveller Plus 3 wheel is a great upgrade from the Elite Traveller SC40. The overall weight is 84 poundsIt features larger tires for a more smooth ride. The front tires are measured at 2″ x 8″  and it rear tires of 3″ x 9″ placing you an inch higher than the SC40. The Plus has a turning radius of 44″. This scooter is also larger in length of 40.25″ and slightly wider at 21″. The Elite Traveller Plus also comes standard with an upgraded 12v 18ah battery pack, which will give you approximately 12 miles per charge. This mobility scooter has the ability to have a forward speed of up to 4.5 miles per hour. The Plus has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. This is a fantastic machine for indoor and outdoor use.



Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus 4 SC44 Review

The GoGo ELite Traveller Plus 4 wheel is great scooter that provides amazing stability. The Elite Traveller sits 3″ from the ground and provides more legroom than the standard Elite Traveller. The Plus 4 SC44 has a turning 45.75″ radius with an overall length of 43″.. This mobility scooter is one of the best choices in the Go Go line.


Go-Go Elite Traveller LX 3 S50LX Review

The GoGo Elite Traveller LX 3 wheeled scooter is a fantastic machine for those who are looking for a smooth ride. The Elite Traveller LX is equipped with a CTS suspension. This suspension allows for a smooth ride over uneven surfaces.  The tires are measured at 2″ x 8″ in the front, and 2.5″ x 8″ in the rear. The over all length of this mobility scooter is 41″ and 20.5″ inches wide. The overall weight of this unit is 85.4 pounds with a seating capacity of 300 pounds. This mobility scooter is a great fit for those looking for comfort in their ride, and those who want more cushion due to a back injury or other nerve damage.


Go-Go Elite Traveller LX 4 S50LX Review

The GoGo Elite Traveller LX 4 whheled scooter is great for stability and comfort. The S50LX has the same specifications as the 3 wheel model, but provides you with more legroom and a better feel for the surface you are scooting around on. This specific model has a turning radius of 54″ inches and weighs 87.4 pounds.


Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport 3 S73 Review

The Pride Mobility Elite Traveller Sport is the largest of the GoGo scooters. This model 3 wheeled scooter weighs 83.2 pounds with a seating capacity of 300 pounds. It has a front bright LED light that will provide you vision at night. The Sport model has the largest tires with 3″ x 8″ tires in the front and 3″ x 9″ on the rear. This mobility scooter has a maximum length of 43″ and only 20″ wide. The GoGo sport runs at a maximum forward speed of 4.5MPH and provides superior durability. Its 18ah batteries make sure that not only the larger machine can move as fast, but takes you the 12 miles rated per charge.


Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport 4 S74 Review

Overall this Sport 4 wheeled scooter is the best of them all. It is the largest GoGo in its class and comes apart as all of the other GoGo scooters do. This scooter sits higher and still has a great turning radius of 52″. The sport line features a front bright LED light for night use. This mobility scooter is a great machine for the money. This S74 is the top of the line GoGo scooter.