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Lift chair repair

Lift chair repair and maintenance services

Do you own a lift chair and need maintenance? Statewide Mobility offers a service dedicated keeping your electric recliner in tip top shape. Statewide mobility repairs lift chairs and provides all parts of all manufactures.

When it comes to maintenance on your lift chair, there are some things you may need to know about. Lift chairs are a motorized recliners, designed to lift you from a seating position to a standing position. These chairs are commonly used by a remote controlled device wired to a junction box. This junction box communicates this the lift actuator directing the unit to move up or down, and recline or sit up.

Our lift chair technicians are trained by top instructors to inspect and repair your lift chair in a timely fashion. In most cases your lift chair can be repaired on site and the initial time of service. We provide top quality repair and service to your company. We provide lift chair repair to most companies including Pride liftchair repair, golden lift chair repair, mega motion lift chair repair, and many many other manufactures.

Trouble shooting your lift chair Q&A

Q: When should I have my liftchair repaired or maintained?
A: A lift chair should be be maintained at least twice a year by a qualified technician. As with any other expensive mechanical device you buy there is preventative maintenance to be done.

Q: My lift chair is no longer working why is that?
A: There are several reason why a lift chair may not be working. It could be simply the liftchair is not plugged in. The remote control switch could also have failed. There may also be an internal wiring issue wrong with the chair. It is important to have a certified technician repair your chair when your lift chair does not work.

Q: Is there a battery back up unit on my lift chair?
A: Yes, most lift chairs have two designated 9 volt batteries located inside on the power supply box. These are designed to energize the lift chair in case of a power outage. You should replace these batteries every six months if they are not used. Replace the batteries every time you use the chair when the power to your home fails.

Q: What if I am in the chair and I can’t get out of the chair?
A: Don’t panic. Call 911 and let them know it is a non-emergency but you are stuck in a chair that is not working. Once you have called 911 call Statewide Mobility to service your liftchair and have it repaired on site.

Q: What are some of the most common issues with lift chairs?
A: Most of the common issues with lift chairs that can be repaired are the scissor mechanisms, the remote, a cut wire harness and power supply.