Troubleshooting Pride Go-Go Scooter

Troubleshooting Pride Go-Go Scooter

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Troubleshooting a Pride Go-Go Scooter

Troubleshooting a Pride Mobility Scooter

Pride Mobility Go-Go Scooter

Troubleshooting a Pride Mobility Go-Go Scooter

The Pride Mobility Go-Go scooter is the most popular mobility scooter on the market. Understanding your product will save you time and money when an issue arises. All Go-Go scooters have a troubleshooting diagnostic beep, that allows you to figure out what to look for in order to fix your scooter. The beep codes range from 2-9 beeps. Most errors are user error. With this information this will save you a service fee by your local provider. This may also eliminate possible bogus repair charges by a not so honest scooter repair company. When diagnosing your scooter it is very important to made sure your scooter is fully charged, and you have unplugged the charger. Now what you want to do is turn the get on and listen for the beep. Count how many beeps you hear. If you missed the count, don’t worry, it will repeat until you turn the mobility scooter off. Now that you have determined how many beeps your scooter has made, you can read below. This information will tell you the possible cause of the malfunction.

Beep Codes

2 – Beeps
Condition: The battery voltage is to low and can not power up the scooter.
Solution: Replace charge the scooter completely, or replace the batteries.

3 – Beeps
Condition: The battery voltage is to high and the scooter can not operate.
Solution: Contact Statewide Mobility for further assessment or your batteries and charger.

4 – Beeps
Condition: The controller or brain has malfunctioned.
Solution: Contact Statewide Mobility as your scooter must be repaired.

5 – Beeps
Condition: The electronic brake has tripped, or it was left open.
Solution: Ensure your scooter is in drive and not neutral.

6 – Beeps
Condition: The throttle lever was pressed while turning on the scooter.
Solution: Turn the key off. Remove your hands from the tiller. Turn the scooter on.

7 – Beeps
Condition: The throttle or potentiometer or the speed pod has malfunctioned.
Solution: Contact Statewide Mobility to replace both devices at a low cost.

8 – Beeps
Condition: The Go Go scooter’s motor has been disconnected.
Solution: Contact Statewide Mobility for further assessment of your mobility scooter.

9 – Beeps
Condition: Possible controller trip. The scooters battery pack may have been put in place while the key was inserted.
Solution: Turn off the scooter. Insert the battery pack. Turn on the scooter.

If your scooter does not have any lights at all, this indicates there is no power getting to the mobility scooter. Check to make sure the circuit breaker is not popped on the battery pack. If it is press the white button in, while this will reset the electric current. If you still do not have power, make sure that the battery pack is seated properly on the scooter. Additionally if your scooter still does not power up after checking these, check to make sure the fuse is not blown. Remove the fuse, which is located next to the charging port. Remove the fuse using a pair of needle nose pliers. To determine if your fuse is blown, hold the fuse up to the light making sure that there is not break in the wire from end to end. If the fuse is blown please replace with a 5 amp inline fuse. If all of these have been checked, it is most likely that you need to replace your batteries. The Go-Go travel scooter has two types of batteries, which are 12v/12ah or an upgraded larger battery 12v/18ah Contact Statewide Mobility and visit our repair center today for the excellent service you deserve.