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Bathroom safety is one of the most important aspects of living in your home. Statewide Mobility provides a full service to ensure you bathroom is safe from a potential slip or fall. Statewide Mobility offers a variety of products to help ensure your safety is met to you or a loved ones needs.

grab-barsOne of the most common products on the market today in bathroom safety are grab bars. Grab bars give you surface to grasp while moving within the bathroom. Grab bars can be placed also within the entire home giving you a sense of stability. Grab bars are often placed inside of a bathtub or outside the bathtub as well. Grab bars are typically made of stainless steel which prevents rust. When placing a grab bar on a wall, it is recommended that a professional to do the installation.

hand-held-showerA hand held shower is used when a person can not entirely stand alone in a bathtub. The hand held shower allows the user or caregiver to give you a bath while sitting on a shower bench. A hand held shower is installed to the original plumbing in your home, by adding a divert-er, which gives you the option of using a standard shower head, or the hand held device with the push of a button.

A variety of shower benches can also be used in the bathroom. Shower benches are for those who are unable to stand while taking a bath. The many types of shower benches are used for different applications. Some allow a user to transfer from a  shower to exit the shower. Shower benches are stable and most standard shower benches support up to 250 pounds.shower-bench

Toilets also have a variety of accessories to make it easier for someone to get up off the toilet. The industry standard a commode which is a removable frame support, that is positioned above the toilet to help you rise with ease. Another more modern tool is a toilet seat riser. The toilet seat riser is securely fastened to your toilet, while keeping your original toilet seat on top. The toilet seat riser usually lifts the toilet seat by five to eight inches. One other option is to add toilet rails to the toilet. Toilet rails are securely bolted to the toilet on the underside of the toilet seat. These rails allow you to grab on to the rails whtoilet-seat-riserile sitting or standing, giving you the assistance you need to gently place yourself.

Bathroom safety is very important to practice by today’s standards. Most house hold injuries happen in the bathroom, where water and slick surfaces can inhibit and unsafe environment to us all. Bathroom safety must be used by everyone as it is important to prevent a potentially devastating injury. Give Statewide Mobility a call today to provide you with a service that is very necessary to you and your loved ones. Remember safety first, and that includes your bathroom safety!