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Statewide Mobility offers a variety of mobility scooter lift systems for your automobile. Mobility lifts are essential for a person who can not walk long distances. Mobility scooter lifts allow you to take your mobility device anywhere. Our lifts are capable of handing any mobility device, such as a power wheelchair or scooter. Statewide offers 24 hour road side assistance with any lift when purchased.  Lift systems may be installed on almost any vehicle.  Providing that it the lift and mobility device does not exceed the vehicles tongue weight, the lift system may be installed. When calling for a quote, please provide the make and model of your mobility device. Please also provide the type of vehicle you have. Statewide offers free quotes and we are hassle free. Installations may be done next day if preferred. Please understand when purchasing a vehicle lift, often times they must be ordered per specifications to your vehicle. Mobility scooter lifts can be installed on an existing hitch, or they can be installed inside you minivan or SUV. This may require taking up the third row seating. Please see below for the different types of mobility scooter lift applications available. After reading the additional content, please contact us with your questions, as we will be pleased to service you.

Hitch Mounted Lift Systems

mobility scooter liftHitch mounted mobility scooter lift systems are installed to the existing hitch on you vehicle. The device is slid in to the receiver, and it is secured with industrial strength bolts. The lift system comes with an illuminated license plate holder. When attaching a lift to your hitch, it is required for us to run a wire harness under your vehicle. The harness is fastened to your existing manufactures wiring. This ensures your license plate illuminates, and your lift receives the power needed to operate. When installing a hitch mounted lift to a vehicle with a tailgate or hatch, it is suggested that a swing away bracket be installed also. A swing away attachment allows the lift to be swung away from the vehicle, so you can access your tailgate or hatch of your truck or SUV.

Hybrid Mounted Lift Systems

mobility scooter lift

Hybrid mounted mobility scooter lift systems, also known as inside lifts are installed in minivans or SUV’s. These lifts retract out of thevehicle and are lowered to the ground using a hand control. These mobility scooter lifts often take up the third row seating, and trunk space on the vehicle, while maintaining use of the second row. Hybrid lift systems are great for rainy weather, ensuring your mobility device does not get wet. When installed it may be required to add a false floor, or reinforcing brackets to hold the lift in position. This system requires also requires a wire harness from your battery, and will require custom installation. Custom installation will include running the wire harness through the floorboard of your vehicle from from to back.